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     I am a multi-award winning artist living and working in the United States.  My art work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. My medium is digital technology.  To create my images, I use a proprietary technique I constantly explore and enhance. Printing options are metallic prints, wood
    mounted prints or framed prints. Each results in a vibrantly stunning unique work of modern art!


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           💥💥💥   gblkhwk.art@gmail.com  💥💥💥

     Self Portrait ... 2021

    Self  Portrait ... 2020

        "Notable"... 2022

        "Forseeable"   2022

      Street Bird ... 2022

    My latest personal favorite...inspired by the demise of a neighborhood turkey that was hit by a car ... RIP Brave Bird 

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        M.A.D.S.  Milano        Virtual Exhibitions  

    Published ... 2021

          YEAR  OF  THE                    TIGER                             2022

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    My Backyard

    Composite Image ... 2018


        My art is available at ... 'Belle of           the West Gallery' in the eclectic                 artists community of                           Madrid,  New Mexico ...             25 miles south of Santa Fe

                 Colorado / New Mexico                                      Border


                        Facebook Post     

    Taken off Historic Route 66 Near ... Madrid New Mexico

                          Composite Image  .  .  .  2018


           Beautiful Downtown Madrid

                                   New Mexico 

                  Madrid    New Mexico           

                      Madrid New Mexico 

                                          circa 1940's


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